Welcome to the Ψk Network

The Psi-k web site has moved. You will be redirected to the new site in 5 seconds.

If you are not redirected please follow this link to access our new site.

The current web site and information portal for Psi-k is being replaced by a new, updated version.

If you want to continue using Psi-k resources you should follow these instructions:

(1) Go to the new Psi-k web site - psi-k.net.

(2) Follow the links to "login / register" from the left hand menu (psi-k.net/login) and enter your details.

NOTE: your ID and password from the old Psi-k.org web site and portal will NOT work on the new site. Your MUST create a new account.

(3) Once you have registered on the new site you will automatically be subscribed to all of the "Forum Mailing Lists". If you DO NOT want to receive email announcements every time somebody submits to a forum then you must UNSUBSCRIBE from that forum. For example if you DO NOT want to receive email alerts from the "Events" forum then navigate to the "Event Listing" forum and click "Unsubscribe". You must repeat this process for each forum that you DO NOT wish to receive email announcements from.

(4) If you wish, you may add content to the front page. Further information is available from the "Instructions" page (psi-k.net/blog-instructions).

Failure to join the new Psi-k site will mean that from FRIDAY 17 APRIL 2015 you will no longer receive any information or updates from the Psi-k community.

The current Psi-k site - and all information contained within - will cease to exist on FRIDAY 17 APRIL 2015, when the new site at psi-k.net will become live.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Psi-k Trustees